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This exhibition follows the course of the cultural and historical context of tea culture. It is divided into four sections, "Tea in the court: Imperial tea ware" ,  "Tea in the literati space: Yixing tea vessel" ,“Tea in the West: trade and cultural exchange”, and "Tea for leisure and pleasure: Japanese tea culture." Selected artifacts for the exhibition are showcased to illuminate East Asia’s many unique tea cultures and approaches to tea appreciation, as well as the cultural exchange between East and West. Through the situational of the imperial teahouse, the Japanese tearoom, the literati enjoyment tea ornaments and the western tea presentation table, the visitor is introduced to the atmosphere of tea appreciation in different settings. This exhibition is intended to inform viewers of the dissemination and interchange of tea practices among East Asian regions and Western countries, and to demonstrate their distinct yet related tea cultures. What this exhibition expect to offer visitors is the resonance of the appreciation and enjoyment of tea ceremony, and the perception of dwelling in tea.

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